Say bye to your wallet

DirectPay has the perfect multichannel payment solution for your business with latest QR based technologies. We will be connecting more than one hundred thousand retail outlets and all the Banks in Sri Lanka, your customers can now process payments at their convenience with low rates. We provide a concept which is based on the company’s specific requirements that can live up to your expectations in the areas of payment processing. You too can benefit from the combination of software technologies and banking products, the payment platform and innovative solutions. We are aimed at providing financial inclusion through cashless means providing affordability and accessibility to all users and merchants.


Merchant services

Directpay is one of the most cost-effective and efficient payment modes for merchants on real time. They also have the ability to view their daily transactions and reconciliation through the DirectPay dashboard / merchant app.

Electronic fund transfers to suppliers

Now you can simply pay your suppliers with a click of a button through DirectPay fund transfers even if they are from a different bank.


We are working with almost all the banks in Sri Lanka through CEFT and JustPay under the guidelines of the central bank. We are on-boarding many merchants and customers with DirectPay towards a cashless society.

Developer community

Speed up your development with our sample code. Now you can download the DirectPay SDK and integrate our API within your application, e-commerce website or POS system.



Fill in the registration form given by our agents or visit the DirectPay by clicking on the link you can be a DirectPay Merchant though online merchant on-boarding.

Attach your NIC/DL and BR

Attach a copy of your NIC/Driving Licence or Passport and Business Registration along with the registration form or if you are filling our online application, upload them to our online portal.

We will contact

Our technical experts will contact you and provide the suitable payment solution to make payments through DirectPay using your very own QR code at your purchase point provided by DirectPay.


Merchant Brochure

Merchant On-boarding Form